Lean finance

Industrial principles for the financial sector

EMPORIAS und unsere Prozessmanagementabteilung haben seit dem Start von UI PEP im Oktober 2014 gemeinsam mit einem Großteil der UI-Teams Produktivitäts- und die teamindividuell wichtigsten Qualitätskennzahlen definiert. ... Durch diese Vorgehensweise konnten wir bisher eine Vielzahl an Verbesserungsprojekten pro Team umsetzen und somit signifikante Effizienzsteigerungen erzielen.

Oliver HarthGeschäftsführer
Universal Investment


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Lean management methods for the financial sector

With the help of lean management methods, our team of consultants supports banks, savings banks, insurance companies, asset management companies and other financial service providers in their transformation towards a learning company and the transfer of tried and tested industrial principles to improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve quality.

The concept of lean finance refers to the application of a programme of continuous improvement in the financial sector. This management method places the employees at the centre, allowing them to actively participate in their processes and take responsibility for controlling their own daily business.

  • Our lean finance expertise is divided into the following areas and topics:
  • Optimisation of business processes, for example through the introduction of production models in risk management and the structuring of sales
  • Provision of support for mergers and the merging of handling units
  • Development of control instruments, such as product cost accounting, key performance indicator cockpits and personnel planning
  • Introduction of a continuous improvement process with the necessary instruments and roles to reinforce the cultural change