Lean finance

Business process optimisation


Effizienz in der Finanzorganisation

EMPORIAS und unsere Prozessmanagementabteilung haben seit dem Start von UI PEP im Oktober 2014 gemeinsam mit einem Großteil der UI-Teams Produktivitäts- und die teamindividuell wichtigsten Qualitätskennzahlen definiert. ... Durch diese Vorgehensweise konnten wir bisher eine Vielzahl an Verbesserungsprojekten pro Team umsetzen und somit signifikante Effizienzsteigerungen erzielen.

Oliver HarthGeschäftsführer
Universal Investment


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Increasing efficiency and reducing costs

As lean banking experts, we work with small and medium-sized banks and financial service providers as partners on an equal footing. The aim is to introduce concepts to increase efficiency and reduce costs using the instruments of lean management.

We support our customers in the lean transformation of their institution. To do so, we derive the effects of the operational services on the profitability of the individual service components. From this, we formulate appropriate recommendations for action and establish the conditions for the digital change.

We offer the following services to optimise business processes:

  • Introduction of production models in handling

In order to ensure successful, sustainable growth, we introduce production models according to the example of industry in back office and handling.

  • Structuring of sales

We support you with the orientation of your sales, in order to strengthen your earnings side. In doing so, we also make the costs and earnings of the product and service portfolio transparent in its many variants.

  • Cooperation models

We analyse and evaluate the purposeful combination of competencies from different areas. In the case of mergers, we support you and develop efficient structures and processes.

  • Foundations of digitisation

Before automation comes standardisation – we create the necessary foundations for this.