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EMPORIAS hat uns in einem unternehmensweiten Projekt zur Steigerung der Effizienz und der Leistungsfähigkeit der Münchener Hypothekenbank unterstützt. Es ist uns gelungen, gemeinsam mit den Mitarbeitern den Industrialisierungsgrad in den Kernprozessen zu erhöhen. Des Weiteren konnten wir mit den entsprechenden Steuerungssystemen dafür Sorge tragen, dass ein nachhaltiger Effekt entsteht. Wir bedanken uns für das erfolgreiche Projekt und wünschen weiterhin viel Erfolg.

Bernhard HeinleinVorstand
Münchner Hypothekenbank


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Controlling using key performance indicators

Production models, sales structures and continuous improvement only work with suitable control instruments. Together with our customers, we prepare these instruments on the basis of many years of experience. With the right key performance indicators, we then control processes, resources and optimisations. The resulting transparency is the basis for further optimisation, quality improvements and the learning organisation.

Through this approach, we anchor an error culture that continuously leads to learning pulses. We promote the personal responsibility of employees. The goal is always to integrate internal and external as well as operational and regulatory specifications in an overall system.

A comprehensive modular control system includes the following elements:

  • Product cost accounting

With the aid of product cost accounting, we distribute one hundred percent of the costs to products, features and services, so that the cost drivers can be deciphered and the costs differentiated. Through this, we are then able to address and carry out targeted optimisations.

  • Personnel planning

With our function and performance analyses, we develop an informative personnel planning overview. We offer options for the differentiation of cost drivers and can thus simulate how personnel requirements will change in the case of increasing or decreasing quantities.

  • Key performance indicators cockpit

In cooperation with the customer, we determine the appropriate key performance indicators. These key performance indicators form the basis for continuous improvement. Their long-term use enables employees to solve problems independently.

  • Service provider control

We define the appropriate key performance indicators for controlling the relevant service providers and on this basis develop an ongoing review of service provision. The key performance indicators provide the opportunity to work with the service providers in order to improve and develop the processes.

  • Quality management

We define the concept of quality with the various stakeholders. With the respective employees and managers, quality measurement systems are developed that improve the relevant quality quickly and continuously and reduce risks.