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Es war uns wichtig, die Mitarbeiter mitzunehmen und gemeinsam den Weg der Optimierung zu gehen. Dies ist uns gut gelungen durch eine von EMPORIAS sehr strukturiert geführte Diskussion mit den verantwortlichen Führungskräften.

Dr. Bernd HochbergerMitglied des Vorstands
Stadtsparkasse München


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Transformation towards a "learning organisation"

We support our customers in the definition, implementation and further development of coordinated and coherent structures, processes and a continuous improvement system for a comprehensive system.

The aim is to transform the institution into a "learning organisation". This approach applies to all sectors and activities. Therefore, for optimal results, the staff positions are also actively involved. Following the example of the successful models from industry, we profitably apply these methods to financial services – always hands-on and in cooperation with the customer.

The following steps are central to the lean transformation:

  • Introduction of lean management

We implement a working continuous improvement process on the basis of the principles of lean management. Here, the further development of managerial staff is in the foreground: How can a manager become more efficient every year with the team? What tools and resources are necessary for this?

  • Lean management by staff

We implement lean concepts on an individual basis according to the requirements of the different departments. Addressing the "lean" dimensions, such as waste and reactive power, creates new approaches in continuous improvement within staff units too.

  • Process optimisation

We collect and analyse current process steps (end-to-end), prepare optimisations with the participating employees and managers and implement these ideas to increase efficiency.