Supply chain

SC instruments

Wir haben es geschafft, in unserem volatilen Halbleitertestmarkt eine Beruhigung der gesamten Supply Chain zur Steigerung der Verfügbarkeit hinzubekommen - Dank der VMI Expertise von EMPORIAS.

Andreas BayhaSenior Director Supply chain
Advantest Europe GmbH


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Networking beyond the factory gates

It is not just traditional boundaries within a company that have to be overcome: We also aim to establish networking and integration with suppliers and other partners in the supply chain via the company's own factory gates. Joint transformation is a basic prerequisite for the next level of the supply chain.

The following instruments and concepts are effectively used for optimisation:

  • We are a leading implementation partner of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI):
  • Transfer of responsibility for replenishment and stock to the supplier
  • Transparency and close links within the supply chain
  • Process and contract design / IT connection
  • Our TCO calculation tool (Total Cost of Ownership) creates cost transparency:
  • Detailed mapping of logistics processes and costs
  • Transparency and optimisation according to the total cost principle
  • New and informative key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • The calculation model for the factory roadmap simulates and demonstrates the following:
  • The impact of planned increases in production volumes and partial variance of the manufacturing, logistics and space capacities of a plant
  • Identification of future capacity requirements as well as the location and extent of bottlenecks in production and logistics
  • Back-dated packages of measures for proactive site planning
  • The EMPORIAS transport cost calculator determined the following for our customers:
  • Calculation of cost-optimised transport and ordering cycles
  • Price benchmarking
  • Incoterm conversions