Supply chain

SC optimisation

Mit unserem langjährigen Partner EMPORIAS haben wir ein innovatives TCO-Konzept entwickelt und umgesetzt, das uns eine vollständige Kostentransparenz entlang der gesamten Lieferkette ermöglicht.

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Strategy and Implementation

EMPORIAS Management Consulting combines strategic and conceptual supply chain consulting with the takeover of operational implementation tasks. Individual concepts are prepared in discussions on an equal footing. Together with our customers, we prepare pragmatic solution approaches in direct reference to implementation. Our team of consultants are experienced implementation specialists with a hands-on mentality.

We ensure the comprehensive optimisation of your supply chain from the customer to internal logistics to the suppliers.

  • The focus of logistical supplier integration is as follows:
  • Introduction of supply class concept
  • Consignment and customs warehouse
  • IT connection
  • Legal framework conditions / contracts
  • We improve the order processing process, end-to-end:
  • Planning and control of the supply chain
  • Optimisation of disposition parameters and settings in the ERP system
  • Integration of the planning levels and the departments/employees involved
  • The objective of the EMPORIAS factory master plan for your location is as follows:
  • Creation of a roadmap for the planning and restructuring of a plant
  • Projection of volume and complexity increases
  • Derivation of packages of measures and fields of action
  • Our 360° inventory reduction programme works quickly and sustainably:
  • Root cause analysis and definition of measures
  • Hands-on implementation on-site (short-term stabilisation and stock reduction)
  • Structural improvements (medium/long-term optimisation)
  • We optimise the SCM organisation through to the KPI system:
  • Development and evaluation of organisational scenarios (structures, central/decentralised responsibilities, strategic and operative tasks)
  • Capacity and qualifications assessment
  • KPI cockpit (key performance indicators)
  • We create transparency regarding quantity frameworks and transport costs:
  • Transport concepts and price benchmarks
  • Bundling and price potential for inbound and outbound freight
  • Incoterm conversions